After School

What schools will be picked up by C2C for After-School Camp?

Do you have structured homework time during After-School Camp?

  • Yes, we schedule one hour for the children to do their homework. We make sure that the homework is neat, complete and correct. Though we do not tutor, we do work with the children to make sure they are doing the work correctly. However, we are not able to do 1-on-1 reading with the younger children.

Do I get a sibling discount for After-School Camp?

  • No. There is no sibling discount during the After-School Camp program, but there is a $10 per week per sibling discount during summer camps!

Are you open on school holidays?




Do I get a sibling discount during Summer Camp?

  • Yes. There is a $10 per week discount for each sibling after the first pays full price.

Do the kids need to wear their bathing suits for locations like Table Rock and Carowinds?

  • Yes. Campers need to wear their bathing suits any time we go to a location that has water.




  • C2C Lyman follows Spartanburg District 5 school closings and early dismissal announcements during inclement weather.

  • C2C Greenville follows Greenville County school closings and early dismissal announcements during inclement weather

  • C2C Pre-K follows Spartanburg District 5 school closing, early dismissal announcements, and opening delay announcements during inclement weather.


  • In following the school districts school closings and early dismissal announcements, C2C will not be open or able to provide student pick up during inclement weather.


  • Announcements will be made through local TV and Radio, C2C website, email, Twitter, and Facebook.




Does the preschool have nap time?

  • Yes. From 1:00pm – 3:00pm every day.

Does the preschool lock their doors?

  • Yes. We lock our doors every morning at 8:00am when the academic time begins and ask that all students are in the building by that time in order to cut down on interruptions.

Do the preschoolers get to play outside at all?

  • Yes. We have a fenced-in playground that is safe and fun for our students to use during play times.

Is C2C Pre-K a preschool or a daycare?

  • C2C Pre-K is both. We have an early morning academic program that operates with the Spartanburg D5 school calendar. This program is designed to develop early literacy and social interaction in our students. C2C Pre-K also offers Late-Stay and Summer Camp options to provide safe, fun childcare for your children while they are not attending school.






Will my younger child be paired up with older kids?

  • The time during a given day that younger children may be with older ones is minimal. When we set teams/groups, children are put with their age groups. There will be times that the groups are all together. Also, early in the morning or late in the afternoon age groups are consolidated.

Does my child have to be potty trained?

  • Yes, all C2C campers for Pre-K and up, must be potty trained.

Is there a microwave available at camp for heating up my child’s lunch?

  • No, we don’t not heat up or refrigerate lunches.

What is the counselor to kid ratio?

  • Our staff ratio is anywhere from 1:10 – 1:14.

Can my child bring their ipod, cell phone, or videogames?

  • Children may only use electronic devices at designated times. Any other time, the device will confiscated and given to the parent at pick up.